Career advice

Tips for candidates

Looking for work requires a lot of preparation and attention and details can make the difference. For that reason we will give you a few tips here to make the most of your CV, letter of application and future job interview and to increase your e-reputation. Combined with the advice from our consultants it will certainly lead to the signature of a future contract. Good luck!


Curriculum vitae

Employers generally have very little time for your CV: on average they spend 7 seconds on a CV. To increase your chances at a job interview, you must also highlight your strengths in the best possible way!

Letter of application

Your letter of application is very important: it is how you address a particular company and particular vacancy in a very personal way. You state in it why you are applying and what you expect. Each letter of application is different. And that is also important because those minor details can make a real difference.

Your E-reputation

A lot of employers use the Internet to gather information about their applicants. So be careful to leave a good image of yourself online. Make sure that you can use LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media well. Your visibility on the internet and the way you use those tools, can be a great help in your job search.

The job interview

Your CV was selected and you are invited to a job interview. At the interview the recruiter wants to evaluate your competences, behaviour and motivation. Prepare thoroughly for this: find out about the company, think about possible questions and list your strengths and weaker points for the job concerned. Be 100% prepared!