The job interview

Your CV was selected and you are invited to a job interview. At the interview the recruiter wants to evaluate your competences, behaviour and motivation. Prepare thoroughly for this: find out about the company, think about possible questions and list your strengths and weaker points for the job concerned. Be 100% prepared!

Tips from Manpower

Start in a winning mood! You are guaranteed to have some strong assets: no company will waste time on job interviews if they are not convinced by the candidate and his/her CV. Do not be put off by possible differences between your profile and the job vacancy. A lot of companies deliberately set the bar high.

Make sure you appear presentable. The person opposite will pay attention to your appearance and the clothes you wear.

Prepare the required documents: your CV, the job vacancy you responded to, diplomas and certificates… They will certainly be of use. If you are applying for a temporary job, you may also often need extra certificates and documents: your identity card, your social security number, driving licence…

Be careful with your timing. Do not be too early because then you appear unsure. Arriving late is obviously out of the question. Try to arrive about 10 minutes before your interview.

Be positive: you will have gained a lot of competences and experience in your career. All that experience is valuable. So be positive and serene: do not criticize former employers or jobs. Focus on what you can contribute to your future employer tomorrow.

Smile and pay attention to detail: once you arrive at reception: smile, smile, smile! A smile shows confidence and is communicative. Pay attention to other details as well: your breath, handshake, non-verbal communication… Oh, and put your phone on silent.