Your E-reputation

A lot of employers use the Internet to gather information about their applicants. So be careful to leave a good image of yourself online. Make sure that you can use LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media well. Your visibility on the internet and the way you use those tools, can be a great help in your job search.

Tips from Manpower

Be observant: make sure that information, photographs and videos that appear on the internet about you do not show you in a negative light.

Make sure that you are visible: presence on social networks is essential when applying for some positions (advertising, communication…). So use the professional social networks (LinkedIn…) to become a member of groups linked to your areas of experience. Today networking takes place virtually!

Work on your e-reputation: your name appears in a sports competition? Former colleagues or employees speak highly of you? Share this type of thing: they radiate positive values, like competitive drive, dynamism and openness.