Search for talent

Temporary employment

Looking for extra help in peak periods? Replacing a member of staff on sick leave? Our consultants will find the candidate that suits you best. For short or long-term contracts and in every situation. Did you know that Manpower invented temporary employment?

Payroll solutions

Have you already found your temp? Perfect: our payroll solutions set your mind at rest about all the administrative formalities. The contract, dimona, medical research, wage, certificates, … We take care of it, you focus on your activities!

Temporary to permanent employment

Temporary employment is not necessarily short-term work. Current legislation also allows the possibility of hiring permanent staff through temping. The major benefit? You have the entire period of temporary employment to test the employee…

Recruitment & selection

As the inventor of temping work, Manpower has a very clear view of permanent recruitment. Manpower has a unique concept for recruitment & selection and constantly invests in a strong network of permanent recruitment consultants. We constantly and proactively look out for candidates with potential, in our own extensive database but also on the main jobsites and on social media.